About Us

CalendarsDay is a calendar brand for Latin World Calendar, Co. Inc. Our brands have more than 70 years of experience and expertise in calendars and graphic arts that helps businesses to keep growing. Please review CalendarsDay and Latin World Calendar, Co. Inc strengths that you can use to benefit your business:

REPUTATION . Both locally and abroad, is that of a family-owned business that focuses on service and full customer satisfaction. Our more than five thousand clients support our excellent reputation since 1940. Our motto is “a client is a person, not a number”.


We want to encourage the beautiful tradition of many businesses to give their clients a calendar as a gift while benefiting from its advertising space to promote its products or services. A calendar provides three important uses: It can be used as a daily planner throughout the year, it serves as a beautiful present because of the pictures that decorate it, and it is a very affordable advertising tool that lasts ALL YEAR. Statistics show that every person at least several times throughout their lives has received and hung a calendar on their walls. A calendar is a nice tradition that is worth every penny of its value and allows you the opportunity to very nicely thank your clients!

QUALITY . We use “state of the art” printing technology to deliver high quality products that give you an excellent return on your investment. Our high level of “dots per inch” standards assures the quality in every picture, just like if you were there! Our 13 pictures per calendar are printed on a glossy high and thick quality paper, with an extra Ultraviolet coat on the cover of each calendar. Because of the paper's high quality and the perfect balance between paper, water and ink, we can assure that your calendar will maintain its perfect shape throughout the year.

DIVERSITY . Every year is a new year. So every year is time for a new calendar. CalendarsDay offers new pictures and new models of calendars annually. Every year, great snapshots of America are changed, different world pictures are offered and new themes such as Gardens or Scenic Golf are presented. These changes are part of our philosophy that more diversity translates into more satisfaction for our clients.

MORE PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR . CalendarsDay and Latin World Calendar, Co. Inc believe in giving you more for every dollar that you pay. Our goal is not to sell at higher prices, but at better prices. Better prices provide more satisfaction and the continuous return of our clients. We are sure that you will feel very comfortable with the investment that you will make for CalendarsDay extraordinarily high quality product.